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Program/Course Names:

International Elective Programme

Program/Course Descriptions (key features, academic focus, and any specialized tracks or concentrations)
  • Elective program: The Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Sri Jayewardenepura offers a fee-levying elective program to international students to learn clinical medicine, para-clinical & pre-clinical subjects as Elective observers. There is also an opportunity to engage on short-term basis in ongoing research projects. http://medical.sjp.ac.lk/index.php/electives-how-to-enroll.
  • MBBS Degree program as approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) Sri Lanka. Students should apply through the UGC. All details are provided on the UGC website. : Please refer to the UGC Foreign Admission Handbook 2020-2023 online:


  • Elective program: Maximum 8 weeks per academic year per student.  Priority of selection of electives is given to the choice of the student.
  • However, this will depend on the number of vacancies available at a given time point in each discipline. The maximum period for a clinical/laboratory-based elective appointment in one discipline is 4 weeks and the minimum is 1 week.  In order to do a clinical elective, a minimum of 6 months of clinical exposure in the relevant Medical Faculty that the student is registered and studying has to be completed.  For a research elective, a fixed 8-week period is necessary. Research & Pre-Clinical Observer positions are available for pre-clinical students also. The application process is through the same online portal
  • MBBS Degree program: 5 years
Entry Requirements: academic qualifications, language proficiency, and any additional prerequisites.
  • Elective Programme:
  1. A) A cover letter stating the elective appointment(s) you wish to do with the dates
  2. B) PDF of the completed online application (check submission confirmation e-mail),
  3. C) Resume or a brief curriculum vitae
  4. D) A letter from the Medical School/University confirming your medical studentship and giving permission to do an elective.
Program/Course Fees: tuition fees and any other applicable fees or expenses associated with each program/course.
  • Elective program: 1- 4 weeks 400 USD & 5-8 weeks 550 USD
  • MBBS Degree program: 12,500 USD per annum


SLQF Level
  • Elective program: Not applicable
  • MBBS Degree program: SLFQ 6

Contact Person Details: name, designation, email address, and telephone number of the designated contact person who can assist prospective international students with inquiries or further information about the programs/courses.

Elective Coordinator
Faculty of Medical Sciences,
University of Sri Jayewardenepura

Email: electives@sjp.ac.lk
Tel. 0094112801028

Deputy Registrar/ Faculty of Medical Sciences
Email: dr-2fms@sjp.ac.lk

0094 11 2881788           Extension – 4011