MOU / Agreement Approvals

Obtaining approvals for International MOUs/ Agreements

Internal Approval
  1. Checklist  (Download)
  2. Justification format (Download)
  3. Recommendation of the faculty board, senate (if available)
  4. Complete set of MOU/ Agreement including schedules and Annexures
  5. Renewal – Certified copy of the previous MOU/ Agreement
External Approval

Obtaining relevant approvals for the new MOUs/renewal of existing MOUs had been stipulated by the following regulations;

  • UGC/CH/7/1 dated 05.06.2018, letter No. UGC/S/PA/111 dated 03.08.2018, UGC/S/PA/111 dated 22.01.2019
  • Circular No. PS/SP/SB/Circular/06/2019 dated 2019.12.19 issued by the Presidential Secretariat on the above subject.
  1. Approval of the Council of the University
  2. Clearance by the University Grants Commission
  3. Clearance by the Ministry of Education
  4. Clearance by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  5. Observation of the Honorable Attorney General
  6. Clearance by the External Resources Department