Why Study at USJ and Objectives

Why study at USJP

  • University of Sri Jayewardenepura offers internationally recognized degrees, with strong curriculum.
  • Innovative teaching methods, offering students with hands-on industry experience and providing the very best support for the students.
  • The variety of pathways and courses offers to meet your dream profession and the diverse market.
  • USJP promotes independent and practical education, which leads to graduates with job ready skills.
  • University’s strong international partnerships provides students with various research opportunities.
  • The diversity of the student body.


  • To create new research opportunities for both international and local students to improve the present research network.
  • To improve the existing collaborations and to develop new programs for the students to participate and learn.
  • To develop new opportunities abroad for local students, construct and improve curricula through international connections.
  • To help students achieve their targets and develop the existing research network.
  • To organize joint symposiums, conferences, workshops and other learning activities.
  • To create a platform where students can work on their ideas with partner institutions and strengthen their work.
  • To improve distance learning programs for students.