Promising partnerships with the Beijing Forestry University, China

Beijing Forestry University (BFU) is a national public university centered in Beijing, China. The BFU has a history that dates back to 1902 as one of the earliest colleges with a specialty in Forestry. It is the top university in China for ecological and environmental education. Beijing Forestry University provides a wide range of courses such as Automation, Biology, Artificial Intelligence, Computer science, Economics, Electronics, Environmental Science, Forestry, Languages, Laws, Management, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology. The university is now providing modern technologies for people to protect the earth, in order to share its environmental friendly perspective to the world.

The BFU has 18 schools based on various disciplines such as Arts and Design, Biological Sciences and Technology, Economics and Management, Environmental Science and Engineering, Foreign Languages, Forestry, Humanities and Social Sciences, Information Science and Technology, Landscape Architecture, Material Science, Continuing Education, Science, Soil and Water Conservation, Ecology and Nature Conservation, Marixism, Grassland Science, International Education as well as for Technology.

The delegates of Beijing Forestry University visited the University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJ) on last 25th of October with the intention of entering a Memorandum of Understanding. Mr. XIE Xuewen-Vice-Chancellor and Deputy Secretary, Party Committee at BFU, Mr. YANG Xiaodong – Director, Logistics Support Department, Mr. LI Liang – Deputy Director, International Relations Office, Mr. WANG Chuping – Section Chief, University Office, Mr. Gong Rui – Director of TTESC and Ms. Xue Xiao – Interpreter of TTESC joined as the delegates representing Beijing Forestry University. Senior Prof. M.M. Pathmalal-the Vice-Chancellor of University of Sri Jayewardenepura warmly welcomed them. Senior Prof. Pradeep Jayaweera-the Dean of the Faculty of Urban and Aquatic Bioresources, Prof. Shirantha Heenkenda – the Dean of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Prof. Renuka Nilmini – the Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Prof. R.K.D.N.K.Rajapakshe-Head of the Department of Languages, Cultural Studies and Performing Arts, Ms. Thilini Bhagya Ranasinghe – Lecturer (Probationary), Department of Languages, Cultural Studies and Performing Arts, and Dr. Ruwini Dharmawardene-Director, International Affairs Division, USJ also joined representing the University of Sri Jayewardenepura.

Following the introduction, the delegates from both the institutions discussed on how the universities can collaborate and incorporate for educational purposes. There, joint research opportunities, scholarships, staff and student exchange programmes and other potential opportunities such as research conferences were discussed. Prof. Renuka Nilmini, Prof. Shirantha Heenkenda and Senior, Prof. Pradeep Jayaweera added their inputs to the discussion incorporating the subject disciplines of respective faculties. With the aim of working together to promote collaborative work between the two universities, both parties entered into an agreement. After the meeting between BFU and USJ, the delegates from BFU had a tour around the university premises as well.