Building Bridges between USJ and INTI International University, Malaysia

It was a great privilege to have the delegate visit and discussion on potential partnership opportunities between the INTI International University, Malaysia and the University of Sri Jayewardenepura (USJ). The delegates were welcomed by Dr. Dushan Jayawickrama, the Dean of the Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce (FMSC), Dr. Sandamali Galgodalage, the coordinator of International Affairs at FMSC/ Head of the Department of Marketing Management and Dr. Janaka Fernando, Head of the Department of Business Economics. The event took place on 24th October at the office of the Dean, Faculty of Management Studies and Commerce.

Representing the INTI International University, Malaysia Associate Professor Asokan Vasudevan from the Faculty of Business and Communication visited USJ. The discussion led to exploring possibilities and opportunities to inquire about international collaborations and networking. The international collaborations can bring numerous benefits for both institutions and contribute to global knowledge-sharing and educational opportunities.

The main objectives of this partnership include staff and student exchange programs, collaborative research opportunities, and other potential partnerships such as research publications and conferences. These objectives reflect a common goal of enhancing academic and cultural exchange between the two institutions. The interest in participating in research conferences and symposia at USJ, as well as in INTI offering opportunities for studying at INTI University, was a positive step toward fostering meaningful connections. In addition, both parties believe that the understanding between people and institutions is the essential foundation for long term mutual beneficial partnerships.

The INTI IU has initiated and continues to strengthen collaborations with higher education institutions and organizations around the globe. Their initiative in international collaboration activities primarily focuses on the following areas but is not limited to the same:

  1. Inbound and outbound mobility programs for staff and students
  2. Faculty Exchange
  3. Student’s Exchange
  4. Teacher training programmes
  5. Guest lectures
  6. Visiting scholar programmes
  7. Knowledge’s Exchange
  8. Joint research
  9. Online symposiums
  10. Co-conference organizer

Through these collaborations, staffs and students from both institutions also stand to gain experiences and values such as international exposure, innovative learning, individual development, and cultural experiences.

The partnership will provide us with a platform to exchange views and interact with other academics, intellectuals, experts, scientists and researchers worldwide and to further encourage the research culture of the community.